Carly J. Gordon

Oh hello there.

undefinedMy name is Carly, and I’m an oboist, English horn player, writer, educator, arts administrator, and peanut butter enthusiast active throughout South Florida (and sometimes Canada).

You can hire me to do things such as play the oboe, teach the oboe, or write about music and musicians.

Carly sits in front of a lake on a sunny day. She faces toward the camera but is looking down and covering her face with one hand while laughing. She holds an oboe in the other hand.


Hire me for your church service, wedding, fundraiser, or Galentine’s brunch! I’m an experienced, energetic, and eclectic South Florida musician who can’t wait to work with you.

Carly is shown standing next to a young man, both wearing graduation caps and robes, and smiling.


I love to use historical research to tell compelling, socially informed stories about music. How can we build artistic spaces that are inclusive, inquisitive, and socially engaged?

From left to right, a flute player, oboe player, French horn player, and clarinet player stand together smiling at the camera and holding their instruments. They wear headbands with cartoon animal ears, and have whiskers painted on their faces.


I am highly experienced in engaging young students in focused, disciplined practice, and have worked with oboists ages 10-65, each with unique musical goals and levels of experience.

Five musicians are seated on stage in a semicircle. Behind them a screen shows a black-and-white image of a destroyed building.

Arts admin

Specializing in curation and communications, I’m passionate about making music happen and bringing creative projects to life.

Photos by Banff Centre, Laura Gordon Photography, Mie Hirschfield, Hannah Craig, and Seok Hee Jang.
Icons by Freepik and Smashicons via, licensed under CC 3.0 BY.